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“With her background, Louise has a unique perspective on the legal profession and is not afraid to express strong views in a way that is clear but fair. She is switched on and responsive, and more importantly a pleasure to deal with.”
Neil Rose
Director, LegalFutures.co.uk, Written Media
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I'll do it your way
I’ve worked in a lot of different organisations so I don’t have any particular way of doing things. Apart from doing them well.
I’ll understand your politics (or lack of)
I’ve worked for Labour MPs, including Hilary Armstrong who later became a cabinet minister in the Blair government, for the Parliamentary Labour Party and the FDA trade union. But I’ve also been a sort of civil servant, working at the New Opportunities Fund (now the Big Lottery Fund) and Investors in People UK.
I’ll be able to deal with your tricky issues

I worked in the legal sector for six years. It’s not easy working with lawyers when you’re not a lawyer. If I can do that I can do anything.
I’ll help enhance your reputation
Believe it or not, I am recognised as a leading consumer voice within the legal sector and I regularly blog. Probably my greatest achievement was being named by the Lawyer magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the sector in 2008.
I’ll understand what you’re trying to achieve
I’ve done a lot of jobs including policy, public affairs, research, corporate social responsibility, PR, social media, internal communications, business development, strategic and project management. So I’ll get your priorities.
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