I’m a communications expert who gets very upset by lousy copy, bad spelling, poorly-targeted campaigns, jargon-filled websites, cliché-ridden articles and non-existent social media strategies. It’s insulting to the audience and doesn’t do a lot for the reputation of the perpetrator.

I set up Louise Restell Communications in 2011 to put an end to some of these shameful practices by sharing around some of my nearly 20 years of expertise.

I’ve worked in the public, private and voluntary sectors, particularly in the legal sector, consumer policy and regulation and corporate social responsibility. I’ve also worked in health policy, business development, trade unions, and grant making. So I’ve probably got a good idea of where you’re coming from and what might help you improve your communication.

I specialise in campaigning and strategic planning to help build profile and influence policy makers, whether that’s raising awareness or getting changes to legislation.

Read on for more detailed information about what I do, or get in touch directly.

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“Louise is expert and has a very practical approach to things. She is at ease operating at all levels of an organisation and has wide experience that makes her contribution invaluable.”
Victor Smart
Head of Corporate Communications, Chartered Institute of Management Accountant
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